Specialty Filament Bundle Pack

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The specialty filament sample pack allows the trial and testing of four unique filament types: flexible TPU, polycarbonate, nylon, and PETG. These four different filament types all feature a diverse set of mechanical properties. Try the bendable and flexible TPU filament or compare it to the extremely hard polycarbonate.

You can now enjoy small samples in a 4 color pack option. Each 3D filament spool contains 200 grams of filament. Each bundle comes with four different colors to try. Every 200 gram option has a larger 1 kilogram option if you would like more of a specific color. These 4 color sample packs allow you to explore and sample the quality as well as the vibrant colors.

  • Each bundle contains 4 individual spools of filament
  • Net weight of each spool is 200 grams
  • Diameter size options of 1.75mm or 2.85mm
  • Tolerance of +/- 0.03mm
  • Spool specs: Diameter is 6" / Spool width is 1.5" / Spool hub diameter is 2.25"

What filaments come in the sample bundle pack?

Every sample pack comes with each of the following filaments.

Flexible TPU Red - Shore hardness of 95A and can be used to print different flexible parts such as cellphone cases; Extrusion temp 200-220C

Polycarbonate Blue - Extremely hard and durable as polycarbonate is used in many applications such as bullet proof glass; Extrusion temp 260-300C

Nylon Clear - Great engineering filament that has excellent wear resistance that can make specialty printed parts; Extrusion temp 230-260C

PETG Green - Combines all the benefits of PLA with ABS producing printed parts that are both strong and flexible; Extrusion temp 230-260C