PETG Filament Bundle Pack

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PETG filament is a great alternative to popular PLA. In many instances PETG outperforms typical PLA. It is more durable and stronger than PLA providing great mechanical properties to your printed part. It has minimal shrinkage and warp. PETG has good adhesion to many typical 3D print beds such as acrylic, glass, kapton tape, and the ever popular PEI. PETG also has great chemical resistances.

You can now enjoy small samples in a 4 color pack option. Each 3D filament spool contains 200 grams of filament. Each bundle comes with four different colors to try. Every 200 gram option has a larger 1 kilogram option if you would like more of a specific color. These 4 color sample packs allow you to explore and sample the quality as well as the vibrant colors.

  • Each bundle contains 4 individual spools of filament
  • Net weight of each spool is 200 grams
  • Diameter size options of 1.75mm or 2.85mm
  • Tolerance of +/- 0.03mm
  • Recommended nozzle temp of 230 - 260 C
  • Recommended bed temp of 80 C
  • Spool specs: Diameter is 6" / Spool width is 1.5" / Spool hub diameter is 2.25"

What are the different bundle options?

Option 1: Blue, Green, Transparent, and Red