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PEI Sheet (1mm) 3D Printing Build Surface

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3D Printing Platform (Made in the USA)

PEI (Polyetherimide) is a great building surface for any 3D printer. The amber / yellow colored surface is commonly used to print a whole range of different filament types such as the two most commonly used ones, ABS and PLA. Depending on the filament type a heated build surface might still be required. PEI sheet as a build plate requires little to no surface preparation. Printed parts adhere extremely well to the build surface making the use of kapton tape, blue tape, hairspray, or glue sticks unnecessary. Typically, even printing brims or rafts is unnecessary. PEI is widely becoming the gold standard build surface because it is so convenient to use. Our PEI is Ultem 1000 grade.

Size Options

  • 4.7x4.7 inches
  • 5x5.5 inches (fits Monoprice Mini)
  • 8x8 inches
  • 10x10 inches
  • 12x12 inches
  • 16x16 inches
  • 20x20 inches
  • 4.3 inch diameter (round circle - fits Monoprice Mini Delta)
  • 8 inch diameter (round circle)
  • 12 inch diameter (round circle)

All sizes have a thickness of 1 mm.

If the size you are looking for does not perfectly match your build plate, you may purchase a bigger size and score / cut the PEI sheet down to the needed dimensions. PEI can be easily snapped off if you first score the surface. If there is a size that you need which isn't available, drop us a line, and we'll try our best to assist you.


PEI can be applied a number of ways, but generally there are two easy methods. The first method is to simply put the PEI sheet on top of your existing bed platform and clamp it down with binder clips (alligator clips) or similar. The second method is applying the 3M 468MP adhesive in conjunction with the PEI sheet. First apply the 3M 468MP adhesive directly to the PEI sheet, and then affix the other side of the 3M 468MP adhesive to your build surface. Please note that depending on how many layers your build surface is the bed temperature that is set may not match the surface temperature of the PEI sheet. Additionally, it should be noted that 3M 468MP is a very sticky adhesive. The 3M adhesive will clump up after you touch it, so re-positioning the adhesive is not feasible. If you do not have the 3M 468MP adhesive, you may purchase it here or purchase one of the combo packs that come with a PEI sheet and 3M 468MP adhesive.

The application of adhesive to the 16 x 16 inch PEI sheet can be done by applying four separate 8 x 8 adhesive squares. Please do not overlap the adhesives to maintain a flat surface.

Additionally, the PEI sheet comes with blue protective film on each side that must be removed prior to use. It is very important to remove the blue protective film.

Care and Use

Before each print it helps to clean the surface of the PEI sheet with isopropyl alcohol (70-91%). Fingerprints or residue will build up on the surface and inhibit surface adhesion which the isopropyl alcohol will clean. After a good number of prints, PEI may lose it's surface adhesion. Please simply sand the PEI sheet down with 2000 grit sandpaper.