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PEI Film (0.5mm) 3D Printing Build Surface

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Polyetherimide Ultem 1000 (Made in the USA)

PEI (Polyetherimide) is one of the best all around surfaces to use for 3D printing. It has great affinity when used at proper bed temperatures, but once cooled the printed part releases easily from the bed. The amber yellow PEI surface is perfect for printing a wide range of commonly used thermoplastic filaments such as PLA, ABS, PETG, TPU, and more. The best part about using PEI is it requires little to no maintenance. It is recommended to clean the surface with isopropyl alcohol in between prints. That's it. The ease of use has made PEI the gold standard in build surfaces for 3D printing. 


  • 0.5mm thick PEI film
  • Each sheet comes laminated with preapplied 3M 468MP adhesive
  • Made from Ultem resin certified to ASTM D5205 PEI 0113 standard (Certificate of Compliance available)

Size Options

  • 220mm x 220mm
    • Compatible with Anet A8, Anet A6, Reprap Prusa i3, Monoprice Maker Select Plus / Ultimate / V2, and more
  • 235mm x 235mm
    • Compatible with Creality Ender 3, Creality Ender 3 Pro, Creality Ender 3 V2, Creality CR-20, Creality Ender 5, Tevo Tarantula Pro, Geeetech A10, and more
  • 300mm x 300mm
    • Compatible with Creality CR-10, Creality CR-10S, Lulzbot Taz 6, Lulzbot Taz 5, Tevo Tornado, Hictop Prusa i3 DIY, Anet A8 Plus, Anet et5 / et5 Pro, and more
  • 320mm x 310mm
    • Compatible with Creality CR-10 V2, Creality CR-10 Smart, Creality Ender 3 Max, Creality CR-20 S Pro / V2 / V3, Creality CR-X, Anycubic Mega X, Goofoo Nova, and more


Gizmo Dorks PEI film is super easy to apply. It comes with bubble free adhesive already laminated to one side of the PEI. Simply remove the adhesive liner and apply to your print bed. It is easiest to apply at a downward angle while using a straight edge if needed to apply a little bit of pressure.

It is recommended to apply PEI to a flat borosilicate glass bed. Borosilicate glass has a low coefficient of thermal expansion which provides a good flat surface to apply PEI to.

Be sure to remove the greenish blue polycling wrap that covers the PEI sheet. That is a protective plastic that should be thrown away prior to use.

Care and Use

Before each print it helps to clean the surface of the PEI sheet with isopropyl alcohol (70-91%). Fingerprints or residue will build up on the surface and inhibit surface adhesion which the isopropyl alcohol will clean. After a good number of prints, PEI may lose it's surface adhesion. Please simply sand the PEI sheet down with 2000 grit sandpaper.

Looking for Another Size?

Shoot us a message. We'll see if we can do something. We also have different size options in the 1mm thick PEI sheet which can be found here