Low Odor ABS Filament

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Gizmo Dorks is now pleased to introduce low odor ABS that eliminates the burning plastic smell emitted during 3D printing. For all of the great mechanical characteristics of ABS, it is known to give off a pungent smell during extrusion. Low odor ABS now gives you all of the wonderful ABS attributes while eliminating the smell.

ABS plastic has always been a great thermoplastic to use in manufacturing and 3D printing for various reasons such as strength and durability. It's why so many commonly used products are made using ABS such as Legos. It has a high glass transition temperature to reduce deformation, but it is also low enough to be safely attainable with standard 3D printers. ABS is a hard strong plastic with increased flexibility when compared to PLA. It is also soluble in Acetone, and it can be easily sanded and machined. Being one of the most widely used filaments in 3D printing, ABS extrudes easily and smoothly with very little stringing or oozing. ABS does cool and shrink after extrusion, so it must be printed on a heated bed and preferably within an enclosed chamber.

Extrusion Temperature: 225 - 250 C

Heated Bed: 80 - 110 C

Net weight: 1 kg