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Kapton Tape for 3D Printers

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Kapton Tape for 3D Printing Beds

Get this superior quality Kapton tape for 3D printers! This tape works with many different 3D printing bed platforms. The beauty of Kapton tape is the ability of the polyimide film to withstand temperature. Therefore, many 3D printer users love applying this polyimide Kapton tape on 3D printers with heated build platforms. The plastic filament will have full adhesion to the polyimide film at the designated temperature, but it also has self releasing characteristics as the bed cools. Your print will be easy to pop off. Kapton tape is the practical choice for your 3D printer bed.

Kapton Tape Info

  • Kapton layer thickness - 1 mil
  • Adhesive (silicone) layer thickness - 1 mil
  • Prints adheres well but come off cleanly
  • Able to withstand high temperature from heated beds
  • Durability to last several print cycles
  • Works on many print surfaces
  • Color - Amber Yellow

Available Sizes


6.25 inches by 100 feet

9 inches by 100 feet

Sheets of 10

6.25 inches by 6.25 inches

8 inches by 8 inches

9 inches by 12 inches

10 inches by 10 inches

12 inches by 12 inches

Application of Kapton Tape

Kapton tape can be applied via either the dry or wet method

Dry method

Apply the tape by rolling the tape on the build plate. Start with one edge first, and application is made easier if using a straight edge such as a ruler to adhere towards the other edge.

Wet method

Unroll and cut the desired size Kapton tape. If you are using the precut sheets, then simply peel away the protective backing. Spray down a thing layer of soapy water on to the build plate. Place the Kapton tape directly on to the soapy water mixture. The tape can be easily repositioned to the desired location because of the soapy water. Flatten and remove air bubbles along with excess soapy water with a squeegee. Allow the build plate to dry completely before use which will probably take a few hours.