All About PLA Filament

At Gizmo Dorks, we're what you might call "fanatics" for 3D printing. We get excited at the word filament, drool over high tech 3D printing setups, and few things make us happier than seeing a well executed print. But making a great print isn't just about your equipment and specifications - the material itself is also hugely important! That's why for this blog, we wanted to profile one of our favorite 3D printing plastics - PLA filament.

Polylactic Acid, or PLA filament, is quickly becoming one of the most popular plastics in 3D printing. To start off with, PLA is what's called a 'thermoplastic,' meaning it changes its rigidity with temperature - at a lower temperature it's more solid, and it becomes more malleable and soft at higher temperatures. This makes it ideal for 3D printing. PLA is also stronger and more rigid than many popular filaments like ABS filament, and PLA can also be sanded down or machined. It's a strong and versatile plastic well suited to a variety of applications.

Another thing we absolutely love about PLA is that, unlike most of its petroleum-based counterparts, PLA is made from plants! Because of this, it can actually be composted in commercial facilities, making it a much more environmentally friendly option. But here's the kicker - due to the sugars inherent in the plant products that make up PLA, during printing, PLA produces a pleasant, semi-sweet smell. Talk about an agreeable material!

pla filament

Finally, PLA filament is hugely versatile. We carry a whole host of colors for any project you might be dreaming up, and we even have some special surprises in store - does glow in the dark, fluorescent, or color changing pique your interest? If it does, check out our extensive selection of PLA filaments - free shipping included - today!

Product Information

For the technically minded out there, here are some specs on the PLA we carry:

  • Net weight: 1 kg or 2.2 lbs
  • Diameter: +/- 0.05mm
  • Roundness: +/- 0.07mm
  • Print Temperature: 190-225ºC

*Keep in mind that every printer is different - some will work better a lower temperature range and some will require a little more heat. Take some time to get to know your printer and find out what settings suit it best.

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